Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So here’s my #desk/#workstation using 2 Wal-Mart...

So here’s my #desk/#workstation using 2 Wal-Mart #bookshelves and a door from @homedepot. My daughter is already trying to claim space for sewing… I know I made the right decision about the larger door. I was torn about how to finish the desktop… I can paint over stain, but I can’t stain over paint, so I decided to go with staining with #minwaxI wood finish stain in natural. I let that dry then used 3 coats of minwax #polycrylic protective finish to hopefully protect the surface. Because it’s a hollow door the edges leave a bit to be desired. I was thinking of covering the edges with yardsticks. I could stain and finish those to match… #craftdesk

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