Friday, October 23, 2015

My kids were out of school today; it’s the end of the...

My kids were out of school today; it’s the end of the grading period already! When they are out of school, I always feel like it’s a free day for me too. Before my work time this morning I did a little workout and I ran errands… I had a couple of returns and exchanges. One was an exchange @michaelsstores. I had purchased a small circle punch at 50% off in a size I already had, I exchanged it for these two stamps. I know I’ll probably only use them once a year, but they weren’t a big investment. I’ll just need to remember to make good use of them yearly.

I still haven’t added inserts to my #katespade #planner. I’ve searched #etsy repeatedly and browsed several freebie sites, but I just haven’t found anything that tickles my fancy enough for me to print and cut. Any recommendations? I want simple and clean so I can add my own flavor. I really don’t want to make my own insert layout. I would rather stick to designing #stickers.

I almost picked up some graph paper while I was in @officedepot yesterday. While I was there, I saw 4x6 labels…  Ding ding ding… bells started going of with all the things I could do with those. Since I can’t seem to get my #cameo to cut correctly by the time it reaches half way of a letter size sticker sheet and I can’t figure out why, maybe printing and cutting on a smaller #stickersheet might make my #stickerlife easier. It would be even better if someone could come over calibrate this puppy and show me how to use her! Are there even any #crafty #plannerchics in #orlando? Is there a #meetup group or something I’m missing?

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