Monday, February 22, 2016

#PlannerProof: So my memory is pretty awful, I’m the first...

#PlannerProof: So my memory is pretty awful, I’m the first to admit that, but I don’t forget everything… Yesterday the man that is trying to do my lawn maintenance on a regular basis stopped by to inform me that he was ready to cut the grass. Mind you, I live in Central Florida and grass does need cutting year round, only the frequency changes… so anyway, I look around the yard and tell him that the grass doesn’t NEED to be cut! He proceeds to tell me how he doesn’t want it to get out of control and how it’s been 2 months… I said, it has NOT been 2 months; you cut the grass last month. He argues that he cut the grass before the new year…yada yada yada… my ears shutdown and I’m annoyed that he’s trying to pull a fast one on me. Finally I just tell him I’m not ready and to come back next week. He calls me by my first name and asks if I remember his, which further irks me because at this point I don’t care what his name is as he tells me again. All I want is for this man is tonget of my porch… over here trying to hustle me! I didn’t slam the door, although I wanted to! Humph! I finally had time to check my records… and looky-here, my lawn was done on 1/17… last month LIKE I SAID. #livewellandplan

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