Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I use to practice my writing ALL the time. Growing up, I got a...

I use to practice my writing ALL the time. Growing up, I got a ton of #handlettering practice while I was in church before I even knew hand lettering was a thing. Since I’ve spent so much time on the best thing since sliced bread…the Internet, my writing has suffered. There was a sign in my Grandmother’s kitchen that said “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” I always loved that sign, and when she passed away, the sign was thrown away. I really wanted it, but decided i would get on pinterest and find some inspiration for creating my own hurrier sign. I did some practice in a fancy pink journal I had been hoarding. I’ll share that one day if I can remember wher it is… Anyway, I think that was the start of me getting back into #artsy #crafty type stuff. I went out and bought special pens and paper… #artist stuff. I never did the #illustration because I’m a perfectionist in my own mind and I didn’t think I could do it to my own satisfaction since my skills were rusty. I’m still not ready to create a masterpiece worthy of my Grandmother’s sign, but watching the @llamaletters series on YouTube is a helping me brush up. I need practice, but hopefully this will be like riding a bike. #artist #paper #creative #create #refresher

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