Monday, June 1, 2015

My DIY Planner

Today is the first day that I'm officially using my DIY planner. I've made a few entries, but I know that I want to further customize each day of the week to work for me.

I would like to schedule multiple actcities for my crafting and my graphic design. I also need to have room for personal activities. I knew going in that a prefab planner wouldn't work for me. I hope to sort out a custom layout for my 2016 pages soon. I also need to develop a color scheme. I like pink A LOT but it's not doing it for me with this planner.

I did a little craft shopping for the pet album I'm working on today, and I picked up a roll of black Kraft-tex from Hobby Lobby. I originally wanted to use it for the cover of the album, but it was too thick for my design.

After looking at photos on the packaging, I had one of those great ideas of mine. I can use the Kraft-tex to create a cover for my 2016 planner! All I need is the binder rings and I will have complete control over the size and design of my planner! I don't know why I have the need to make everything. Maybe it's the control freak in me.

I'm not happy with the hard cover binder on my planner now, so switching to the durable and flexible Kraft-tex cover will be great! I can even make my own pockets on the inside cover.

Have you created anything with Kraft-tex?

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