Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Getting Organized: I Need a Planner

Because of my craft/scrapbook/paper addiction, I have been learning all sorts of new things. Apparently there is a huge community of people who use paper planners and there are all sorts of crafty goodies and supplies available just for planners.

I've been avoiding calendars and planners since they always seem like wasted money. I've had so many planners that end up tucked away in a desk drawer and finally land in "file 13" (the trash).

More and more I've been using Google calendar especially for appointments since I can set notifications. Part of my problem with planners is that I forget to check them.

With my memory not being what it was and with my schedule filling fast, I need something more. I want using a planner to be fun. I think if it speaks to me like creating mini albums I won't have a problem using it or checking it.

I want my planner to keep me on schedule and also act as a daily journal. I don't want a diary to write about my thoughts and feelings. I need to keep track of when I last had the A/C repair or what happened when I took Miss Sookie, my cat to the Vet.

I would like to get started with using a planner on June 1st. In addition to appointments, a micro journal, budget and bill tracking, I would like to use my planner for blog and video post ideas and scheduling, and project scheduling for my book cover design business.

After watching several DIY planner videos on YouTube,  I've decided to make my own planner! I'm so excited!

Do you use a planner? Is your planner digital, paper or a combination of both? Did you design your own planner or do you use one of the popular planning system?

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