Thursday, March 19, 2015

My First Mini Albums

After posting and watching my first mini albums video I realized how much I didn't say about the albums I designed for my two youngest children so I'll do my best to fill in the blanks here.

In the Beginning...

I started the album for my daughter in late December after stumbling across tutorials on making books with paperbags on Pinterest.

The beginnings of my stash came from Wal-Mart with the purchase of inexpensive 6 x 6 papers and glue sticks for the kids along with a small package of "O" rings for the paperbag books.

From there I researched an learned a bit about making books and binding. I ordered an Awl and book binding thread and needles from Amazon.

Smash Books, Scrapbooks, Mini Albums... Oh My!

Eventually I figured out that I didn't just want to make books with blank or lined papers, I wanted to do something a bit more creative, and I found Smash Books.

During my quest for information on Smash Books, I came accross Jen of Eve Designs videos on Recycled Cereal Box Smash Book or Scrapbook. I watched several of her videos which led me to other videos about Scrapbooking and finally Mini Albums.

With Mini Albums, I could be in complete control of how the album is designed. I could choose the size, the style of the album and even the theme or papers. Everything was up to me. I could create the whole look and feel of the book. (Guess I'm a bit of a control freak, huh?)

I was hooked!

So that brings me back to my first mini album. I am still learning, but back then I just wanted to get started so I used cardboard from an equipment box my husband had discarded.  I knew about scoring and folding from my visual arts training, and I was able to craft a spine and front and back covers in the size I wanted from one piece of cardboard. I covered that with craft paper.

After multiple trips to Michael's, Joann's and eventually Hobby Lobby, as well as consuming countless video shares and tutorials on YouTube, I now have a growing stash to work with.

I've started an enormous NOT SO BABY OR MINI, BABY MINI ALBUM  for my oldest daughter (my first grandchild is on the way). I also have Mini Albums underway for 2 of my teenage nieces, and several other mini's that I've started, just because.

I've had so many "firsts" in the realm of creative things this year, and it feels wonderful.  I keep thinkng, why didn't I know about this before? Well, I know now, and I'm obsessed... in a good way!

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