Sunday, July 31, 2016

My notes and list of errands for the day are folded in this...

My notes and list of errands for the day are folded in this #notepad sheet. It has been an eventful morning but it’s still a beautiful new day!

NPR: There was a ginormous spider in my shower early this morning! I’ve had it with the bionic spiders, geez… so one errand today will be to find some spray that they doesn’t turn them into vampire spiders that seem to rise from the dead even after you’ve drowned them in regular bug spray! I had about 10 heart attacks this morning! Even jumped on top of the toilet once during the battle with the spider. It played possum for about 10 minutes and I thought it was out of commission. I left it where it was waiting for my son to come remove it. I commenced to brushing my teeth and see this creature crawling up the wall again as if I hadn’t doused it with a half a can of bug spray… now y'all know I screamed then, right? Any who, I survived, the spider eventually met its demise…. and I’m continuing on with my day! #livewellandplan

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